How To Transition to Healthier Eating

The 2 Ingredients I Cut Out To Help Me Eat Healthier.

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am not a big fan of “fad diets.” We all know that they aren’t healthy or sustainable. That being said, I do have a favorite and more sustainable “diet” that I love to embark on for a few months. It helps to reset my palate and eating habits to achieve health.

My No Flour and No Sugar Diet

The only rules to the diet are avoiding flour and sugar. This includes cane sugar, refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and other sneaky words that mean “sugar.” Flour is any food made with whole wheat or unbleached flour. I eliminate gluten-free flour too!

No Flour

The reason to give up flour is that it’s often used in highly processed foods. Giving up flour on this diet forces me to make more meals with vegetables, rice, and quinoa bases.

No Sugar

The stricter I am with sugar, the better the results of the diet. After cutting sugar out of my diet, I lose my cravings for it after a few days! In trying to entirely eliminate sugar, I quickly learn how intense my sugar cravings are. Then after a few weeks when I return to eating some sugar, it doesn’t taste as delicious. I find resetting my sugar palate allows me to eat healthier. Have you ever gotten used to eating items with sugar, like the sugar in Starbucks coffees, and wondered whether you really needed it to enjoy the item?

good diet will change your palate so that you can enjoy healthier foods. By eliminating these two ingredients you will transition to a cleaner diet!

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Aspiring Social Worker(Masters 2022!), I write about mental health, racism, sexism, life, and the bones I have to pick with the Mormon Church…

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