Analysis of the gendered and racial violence in porn

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I have conflicting feelings about pornography. As a pretty extreme feminist, I detest how many women have had to turn to sex work to support themselves. I resent the gendered and racial violence that continues in porn, it’s in this way that I don’t support porn. However, I would be a hypocrite to say I don’t enjoy porn. Not only do I consume porn, but I consume a lot of porn. So is there a middle ground? I think so. I think we can create better porn, more ethical porn, porn that has more social, racial, and gender awareness. …

I think that helps! I usually just try and wait out what I impulsively want to snap back with!

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*Please note this article is not intended to diagnose, please see a mental health professional if you think you may have ADHD. This article was mostly meant to be read tongue in cheek!

I have ADHD and I never thought I did. Mostly because the clinical diagnosis of the DSM5 says things like, “People with ADHD have trouble organizing, listening, or don’t like homework or work”. These things are hard to measure when you don’t realize you are having to work harder than others, or don’t realize how easy listening is for neurotypical people. It doesn’t help when you are…

Why I still try to talk across the aisle

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I went to a tiny mountain college. I was just climbing out of a major depressive episode in High School and I wasn’t even sure I could survive four years at a university. I managed. One of the only and best friends I established from those four years was a Republican, and I was a raging Liberal.

At first, we didn’t really notice or care about politics. We were both so desperate for friendship that we would have taken in literally anyone. The friendship was too good to pass up and over the years it continued to grow stronger and…

How I changed my entire behavior in 20 minutes a day

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I have always lived with my parents or roommates. On top of that, I have always had my own room. Or as I like to call it, my own cave to hide in as I please. My room was usually stacked full of clothes, the bed was never made, and I could leave things out in the open. It all changed when I moved in with my boyfriend, into his one-bedroom condo, that I could no longer live like a crazed packrat.

At first, there were no fights. We…

I think you bring up some great ideas here!

Since when did I become my own doctor?

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I recently wrote an article about my PCOS diagnosis. But in case you missed it, because I am a blonde, with little acne, and skinny, my doctors did not diagnose me with PCOS until I demanded an ultrasound test. I had been getting my period every three months since I was 12 and I never understood why they were so irregular. I am also not sure why a gynecologist didn’t suggest I look into this. Why did they always ask when my last period was, if not to figure out their irregularity?

Flash forward to me being in my doctor's…

I never realized my finances were suffering too

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I have ADHD and I have talked about it, a lot. ADHD shaped my life mostly because I didn’t medicate it for so long. It wasn’t until I finally medicated my ADHD that I realized how debilitating and pervasive it had been to me in my life. After finally treating my ADHD, I became a whole new person for several reasons. One of those ways I renewed myself? I became better with my money.

I was a bargain b*tch. A sale girl. A “but it’s only $5” girl. I went shopping when I was bored, sad, lonely, or happy. I…

Everyday products that can contain lead and cancer-causing compounds

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*None of these product links are sponsored, just personal suggestions for alternatives!

They say ignorance is bliss, but it’s also deadly. We wonder about these high rates of cancer, while corporations lie to us about what is causing our sicknesses, as I will go into in this article. There are a few key products to be especially mindful of. They are pans, mugs, clothing, makeup, body products, and furniture. You know, just a few of the items we use in our homes. …

How I manage my mental health

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Pexels: Quang Anh Ha Nguyen

Please note: This is not medical, or professional therapeutic advice, these are simply things I personally have found helpful.

I have had ADHD all of my life. I am almost positive it’s genetic because my family is full of impulsive artists, who struggle to do anything that takes sustained attention. I was diagnosed as a teenager and I have been working with my unique brain ever since. Here are 12 things that help me with my ADHD and things I wish the newly diagnosed ADHDers knew:

Go To Bed Angry

Whoever said, “don’t go to bed angry” did not have ADHD. People with ADHD…

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