Yes, you can not only laugh on TikTok’s Platform but learn too


I realized something the other night- I enjoy externalizing disorders. I like labeling them and seeing them as things I work alongside or fight against. For me, it was much more damaging to feel that I was lazy, stupid, and alone. When I had my ADHD diagnosis, I could label my challenges externalize them as aspects of my brain that didn’t have to be comments on my personality or character.

I also found a community that united me with others who had the same challenges with my ADHD diagnosis. One of those communities has been TikTok. Many TikTokers on ADHD…

Things I learned being the friend


I was young. I had just turned 21 years old and I had procrastinate my living situation for my senior year of college. I wanted to live in a house off campus and have the experience of living with friends. When my best friends suggested we live with our college guy friend, I agreed. Then she asked if her boyfriend could move in too. I had met him a few times, I didn’t love him but he seemed polite enough. I also thought it would be fun to have a house with two guys and two girls. So I agreed…

A graduate student’s guide to getting things done when your mind likes to wander

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This article is not medical advice; it’s just what works for me. Please consult a doctor or mental health professional to find a treatment plan that works well for you.

I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 15. It was a diagnosis that may have saved my life. It at least saved me from years of self-loathing and confusion about myself and my choices. It’s more than ten years since I have received my diagnosis and I am pursuing a degree to do counseling myself. My dream is to work with others with ADHD. …

The positive I am taking out of this experience

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Of course the pandemic sucked. We had more than half a million deaths, inequities in our country meant more poor people and BIPOC suffered from the virus, and politicalization of the virus meant people refusing to wear a mask, or receive a vaccine. So, all that aside… I wanted to take a moment to just breathe into the positives. Every horrible thing has a silver lining. I wanted to write down some of those universal things. The pandemic was great for me because no one that I knew got seriously sick, and while my OCD reached debilitating levels at points…

How to help others become BLM advocates with what does and does not work

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I want to start this article by saying that I think Lama Rod Owens beautifully contradicts the article I am about to write in this podcast interview. If you haven’t heard about her work, I highly recommend a listen! I further would like to recommend Ijeoma Oluo’s book or NPR interview on this topic as well. Now that I have that all that out of the way, I would like to dive into what my article and argument is about today: I recently read something by James Clear, called “Why Facts Don’t Change People’s Minds.” He is the author of…

Which level of unpacking and understanding race are you on?

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New to the topic? Here is anti-racism work 101

Talk about race

This is the most important part and the first step of combatting racism! This is the first step, simply overcoming the fear of the race conversation and choosing to talk about the issues! It’s about walking out of white denial and opening up the conversation to growth. It’s feeling that knot in your stomach, the fear of saying something racist, and overcoming the avoidance of simply feeling uncomfortable. Its when you ask questions like: Did my family own slaves? Why are so many BIPOC people poor? What are some of my harbored opinions about black men? Black women? What are…

My epiphany of the “good side” of not being a famous Medium writer

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Every time I write on Medium I imagine taking over and becoming the next big name on the platform. I dream about the day that I can start to see thousands being transferred to my banking account from Stripe. The day I can move the money I make from Medium around into investments, savings, and eventually become a six-figure Medium earner. Every day that this doesn’t happen I grow more and more disappointed, until, a new realization entered my mind…

I never thought I was a perfectionist. I was too sloppy, too lazy, too much of a C student, to…

White knuckling it as a social worker through during this past election

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I read Paul Kivel’s Uprooting Racism for class this semester. As someone who was raised by bleeding-heart liberal parents, I always knew that BIPOC had it harder and white people had done a disservice to them. I used to genuinely believe that people did not have all the answers and that political opinions were complicated. I came to learn that there is a right and wrong political party.

I know this because not a single one of my social worker classmates pursuing a master's degree came out in support of Trump. Social workers don’t debate whether racism is still real…

Feminist content worthy of binging…


When I was in college I watched the documentary Missrepresentation and was forever changed. The film shows (without a shadow of a doubt!) how women are unfairly portrayed in media. It shows how women are treated, shown, and unfairly represented in the media. It hints at why this is so damaging to young women. The only positive? There is content out there that shows women in powerful position, depicts women’s stories, and challenges tired narratives about women. Here are a few of my favorites of strong female depictions in film/shows:

Erin Brockovich

Source: Youtube: Classic Trailers

Thoughts: I love that this film…

Questions and information on race to reflect on

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*Many of the historical excerpts are compliments of the book Uprooting Racism by Paul Kivel

My recent dip into the world of social work has felt like ice fishing. I am out on the ice and fall into a hole. I am screaming, “Help, get me out of here! The water is freezing!” I feel like this because once I truly learned about our systems of oppression, I couldn’t unsee them. I had fallen into a social explanation for human suffering and very few people could save me because few people understand how bad it is out there for women…

Sadie Lee

Aspiring Social Worker(Masters 2022!), I write about mental health, racism, sexism, life, and the bones I have to pick with the Mormon Church…

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