White knuckling it as a social worker through during this past election

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I read Paul Kivel’s Uprooting Racism for class this semester. As someone who was raised by bleeding-heart liberal parents, I always knew that BIPOC had it harder and white people had done a disservice to them. I used to genuinely believe that people did not have all the answers and that political opinions were complicated. I came to learn that there is a right and wrong political party.

I know this because not a single one of my social worker classmates pursuing a master's degree came out in support of Trump. Social workers don’t debate whether racism is still real…

Feminist content worthy of binging…


When I was in college I watched the documentary Missrepresentation and was forever changed. The film shows (without a shadow of a doubt!) how women are unfairly portrayed in media. It shows how women are treated, shown, and unfairly represented in the media. It hints at why this is so damaging to young women. The only positive? There is content out there that shows women in powerful position, depicts women’s stories, and challenges tired narratives about women. Here are a few of my favorites of strong female depictions in film/shows:

Erin Brockovich

Source: Youtube: Classic Trailers

Thoughts: I love that this film…

Questions and information on race to reflect on

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*Many of the historical excerpts are compliments of the book Uprooting Racism by Paul Kivel

My recent dip into the world of social work has felt like ice fishing. I am out on the ice and fall into a hole. I am screaming, “Help, get me out of here! The water is freezing!” I feel like this because once I truly learned about our systems of oppression, I couldn’t unsee them. I had fallen into a social explanation for human suffering and very few people could save me because few people understand how bad it is out there for women…

How the Internet has Disproven an Entire Religion but Still has Millions of Global Members

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“Is that the Jeremy Runnels thing? I don’t read anti-Mormon literature.”- Mormon girl in 21st Century

I grew up with Mormon friends. This also means I grew up with Mormon gaslighting, purity culture, sexism, and a degree of absolute confusion about Mormonism. If you have never been close to Mormons you might be thinking, “But they are such nice people!” Here’s why their faith is anything but ‘nice’:


The church did not let black members into their temples, hold positions of power, or even get…

God works in mysterious ways, are patriarchal, hoodwinking, illegal, secretive, and ethnocentricism, some of those mysterious ways?

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Perhaps it is too much of my social work teaching that asks why God would want his one true church restored in America, by a country that slaughtered around ten million Native Americans, arguably 100,000 Mexicans(between the wars, border patrol, internment camps, and unfair work environments), the death of 1 million African slaves(in transport alone to the US), and the 120 men, women, and children immigrants the Mormon’s slaughtered?

It fascinates me that through God’s earliest mouthpieces have yet to receive any decry…

Before we write this book off, we need to be wary that “female sexual liberation” is not “female objectification” under a new name

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“The truth is that the new conception of raunch culture as a path to liberation rather than oppression is a convenient (and lucrative) fantasy with nothing to back it up. Or, as Susan Brownmiller put it when I asked her what she made of all this, “You think you’re being brave, you think you’re being sexy, you think you’re transcending feminism. But that’s bullshit.”- Ariel Levy, Female Chauvinist Pigs.

Let’s think about “sex-positive feminism” in theory. To me, sex-positive feminism was freeing. I had grown up surrounded by Mormons who were shaming my every mention of sexual arousal. My Mormon…

I learned who of my friends are truly allies for BIPOC

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Can You Guess Who Ends Up Showing Up To Work For Racial Equity:

I want to start this article off by saying I am guilty of white saviorism. I say this because I started hosting a race group to talk about race. I developed my own curriculum and invited my white girlfriends in to talk about race. I did this to genuinely help the cause of racial equity. But I also did it to feel like I wasn’t like “other white people,” to be a “good white person”, and to ease my own guilt. These are examples of the wrong reasons to be a part of the Black Lives Matter movement. That being…

How white people can be better

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I had known that black people were incarcerated at a higher rate, that they faced discrimination in the workplace, and that there was a system keeping them down. What I didn’t know, was all the historical pieces that played into black poverty. I didn’t know about the GI bill denied to black veterans, the Tulsa Race Massacre, or the housing loans denied to 98% of black people. I was so angry about this and felt so ignorant. I learned so much this year and was so inspired to learn and do something. I have read, experienced, and been learning about…

Analysis of the gendered and racial violence in porn


I have conflicting feelings about pornography. As a pretty extreme feminist, I detest how many women have had to turn to sex work to support themselves. I resent the gendered and racial violence that continues in porn, it’s in this way that I don’t support porn. However, I would be a hypocrite to say I don’t enjoy porn. Not only do I consume porn, but I consume a lot of porn. So is there a middle ground? I think so. I think we can create better porn, more ethical porn, porn that has more social, racial, and gender awareness. …

I think that helps! I usually just try and wait out what I impulsively want to snap back with!

Sadie Lee

Aspiring Social Worker(Masters 2022!), I write about mental health, racism, sexism, life, and the bones I have to pick with the Mormon Church…

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