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The AIP diet is like a pop star and I was its biggest fan. I was a small-town singer and AIP represented the hope of the big world. Whenever I thought my health problems were out of control or unmanageable, I would tell myself, “There’s always AIP.” I was on the sidelines for years too scared to toss myself into the ring. Fear that AIP would fail me and I would give up all hope. But this year, I don’t know if it was the fact that it was 2021, or that a friend was also trying to cut out dairy and agreed to do it with me, or the fact I was off my psychiatric medication(it was probably because I was off my meds), I finally decided to commit to the AIP diet, and I learned a whole hell of a lot. …

Free Ways To Get into the Practice of Meditation

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Meditation has many proven benefits. In a study with monks using EEG, they measured the brains of those who meditated and those who didn’t; those who meditated showed stronger and different brain structures, and a better ability for their brain to regulate itself. Meditation can increase cognitive skills and lower stress levels, with just a small amount of time for dedicated practice.

To help you gain these benefits and start your own practice, I have included 3 of my favorite beginner guided meditation clips.

5 Minute Meditation

This is my favorite video of all. I love the male voice. It is soothing and calming. He also opens you up to meditation from the start and then concludes the meditation in a slow wrap-up. This clip also talks about being grateful, what made you happy, and what you can look forward to for the rest of the day. There are additional proven strategies to increase your happiness as well. …

The 2 Ingredients I Cut Out To Help Me Eat Healthier.

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I am not a big fan of “fad diets.” We all know that they aren’t healthy or sustainable. That being said, I do have a favorite and more sustainable “diet” that I love to embark on for a few months. It helps to reset my palate and eating habits to achieve health.

My No Flour and No Sugar Diet

The only rules to the diet are avoiding flour and sugar. This includes cane sugar, refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and other sneaky words that mean “sugar.” Flour is any food made with whole wheat or unbleached flour. …

How To Avoid Fights and Develop Empathy in Conversations

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I have been actively working on communication with my partner these last few months. I know how I should communicate, but it’s hard to do it in the heat of the moment when it matters most. Commit to trying these 3 tips and watch the difference it makes in your relationships.

The Classic “I feel”

Using statements like, “I want to see you more” instead of “You never call me to hang out” is much more beneficial to our communication with each other. Ask for what you want vs. don’t like.

Ask Open Questions

If someone says, “You didn’t do the dishes!” vs. “How can we make sure the dishes get done at some point this evening?” How and when you ask a question can help prevent your loved one from getting defensive. It can also be helpful to truly seek information before playing the blame game. …

What to drink besides a morning cup of Joe

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Drinking healthy or giving up coffee does not have to be a chore. These drinks are ones I look forward to in the morning. All of these drinks have health benefits, aid in hydration, taste the best hot, and are caffeine-free! Incorporate these enjoyable drinks in a morning routine and reap the benefits later:

Chicory Root Coffee

This is the best coffee substitute out there! Here is the Original Recipe. Here is my adapted version:

  • One spoonful of roasted dandelion root
  • Two spoonfuls of roasted chicory root
  • Two spoonfuls of coconut butter


  1. Blend in a coffee grinder
  2. Pour grinds into a french press and add boiling…

And yes… I have read a lot about Medium

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Most of this article is me just venting. But I am also trying to put out questions to the Medium community. If you have the answer please feel free to comment below. If the answers don’t exist then maybe we can all be puzzled together. Here are a few questions I still have about Medium’s platform:

Why do claps still exist?

I know that Medium demonetized claps and I understand why. It’s much easier to get people to spam each other with 50 claps to rig the system with “spam” than it is for someone to genuinely spend time reading an article. I think Medium wised up to that, which explains the change. But why does the “fans” and “clap” metric still exist if there is little to no value? …

Why you might be failing at “Self Help” and it isn’t your fault.

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I have read so many self-help articles. I eat them up like candy. I would often say to myself, “Maybe this article will finally get me to workout/eat well/make money/get up early/all the things!” I am more of an observer of life, or as my old boss once put it, a passenger to my own life. I read, contemplate, and one day I might make a change in my life. I never realized this was a symptom of my illness.

The Motivation Fallacy

I am really sick of people telling me that ADHD is a motivation problem. I have done everything possible. I have cleaned, cooked, studied, and been an active participant in my life. I have always been motivated out of fear of disappointing loved ones. I have stewed in insecurities and sensitivities that center around not being enough or doing enough. My learning disability is at the forefront of my mind at all times. But I wanted to know that I had done everything in my power before I resorted to therapy again, or tried medication. I did. I meditated, and exercised, and hung up 2 huge dry erase calendars to organize my goals. My life habits were like every headline for self-help over the last 10 years. Self Helpers like myself, are inspired by doing things themselves, empowering themselves, and believe in change. But I also think we can be Self Helpers because we need- well… help. ADHD is not the only disorder that gets in the way of self-empowerment. Anxiety, depression, and OCD are other examples of mental illnesses that can get in the way of change. …

Music Videos where Women Control the Narrative

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I am a huge fan of music videos. I usually watch all the videos that come out with new artist albums. While there are a lot of videos that recycle the same narrative for women, there are some that don’t feed into the narrative, and fewer still are the music videos challenging sexist narratives. Below I attached some of the good and few music videos that challenge the patriarchy!

Lookin’ A*s

I love that this video is about flipping and controlling the male gaze. …

If nobody was allowed to see it but you, would you still buy it?

Person holding credit card while on laptop.
Person holding credit card while on laptop.
Photo: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

I used to shop for all the wrong reasons — usually because I was anxious or bored, or because I’d just had a tough week and felt that I deserved something nice. I knew I needed help with my spending, which seemed to be at the mercy of my emotions and all those darn Instagram ads.

Eventually, I was able to break the habit by developing a system, one that pushed me to be more mindful about what I consume. Now, before I buy anything, I pause to ask a series of questions that force me to reckon honestly with how the potential purchase fits into my life. In addition to saving me money, these questions have helped me learn to delay gratification and trust my own judgment — these days, whenever I hand over my credit card or click “purchase” (a rare event these days), I can be confident that I’m doing it for the right reasons. …


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