Maybe the answer isn’t in all or nothing excursions

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A psychology major explores how to change a habit

Pexels: Darina Belonogova
  • Think of these habits as positives
  • Reward yourself with something after you have completed the task


A Hot Plate

“I can’t date you or have a hot plate in my office.”-Ross, from Friends

A few words that heal

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Gadgets that make your life easier

Vlada Karpovich/Pexels


Put simply, imagine getting your work done on a call and having your place vacuumed and mopped simultaneously. There’s a robot for that.

Garmin Watch

This is a smartwatch- but you can’t tell it’s a smartwatch. It screams…

I can’t get over the courage, heart, and talent from this human

Youtube:ScreenShot, Industry Baby

Pexels:Elina Fairytale

The story and our later resources for my friend’s abuse

Pexels: Anete Lusina

When I Met Rachel

I met my Rachel, my best friend, during the first week in college. I was at a cheesy “Welcome to College!” night put on by the University. You know, the ones with the too-bright lighting and chaperones. Many of my newfound acquaintances decided to leave me that night. I decided to go back to my dorm, but I really wanted to go back to dance at the gym, and maybe meet some new people. As I headed back to my dorm I looked into the room that was two doors down from me.

Unpacking Tim Denning’s Recent Mental Health Article

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What I Hope We Take Away From This Last Year

Pexels: Anna Shvets

Sadie Lee

Aspiring Social Worker(Masters 2022!), I write about mental health, racism, sexism, life, and the bones I have to pick with the Mormon Church…

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